6 Perks of living in Pakistan

6 Perks of living in Pakistan

Living in Pakistan, we always hear the negatives about our country from corruption to target killing to Bhatta mafia and whatnot and how half the people wants to go to Amreeka the first chance they get but we always forget the perks we get as Pakistanis.

Following are 6 perks of living in Pakistan that we all shamelessly enjoy

  • Traffic Rules don’t mean sh*t

Yes, we all have done it, I don’t even have to say it, as you’ve already guessed it, Bribed the Traffic police officer the smallest of bribes for breaking just about any traffic laws and gotten away with it.

6 Perks of living in Pakistan

Yes, you couldn’t have done it elsewhere.

  • Being Invincible

If you have just about any Government official by your side, you’re untouchable and are free to cause all the chaos you want to cause at the end of the day even if the police catches you, your powerful uncle’s gonna bust you out so, don’t worry.


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  • Cheat in exams

Having the education system that we have, one can get education upto Intermediate without having to study at all, from practicals to board exams, all can be passed by cheating yes, it’s that easy just appear and cheat and you’re good to go.


6 Perks of living in PakistanSource: Dunyanews.tv


  • Marriage

No matter how ugly you are as a guy, you can always marry that pretty cousin of yours that never showed any interest in you without even getting her consent, just ask you mother to call her mother.

6 Perks of living in Pakistan


  • Getting a Job

Need a Job? Just ask your dad to call his old pal who owns a big firm and he’ll fix you up with a nice position that you clearly don’t deserve while a better candidate will just have to suffer with a position not as good.

  • Piracy

Piracy don’t mean sh*t here, you can get a cd of just about anything for as low as 25 rs, from games to movies to songs to softwares and whatnot.


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