8 Situations every University student can relate to

8 Situations every University student can relate to


College/University is basically a way to start things over, if you’ve had a bad high school life, college can definitely be a way to turn things over for you, you can be the popular kid you’ve always wanted to be or if you actually were the popular kid in high school and are tired of all the attention you can finally distance yourself from all the drama.

Here are some situations every college kid can relate to

1) The scary first semester:

The semester is a little scary, a little weird and full of excitement, you’re unsure of how it’s going to pan out, if you’re going to meet good people, what will people think of you, will they judge you for being different and a whole lot more.


2) Losing friends by the semester:

Remember your first semester? When you had a dozen friends and a group so big you couldn’t fit them all in one picture. Now you only have two friends and one of them hardly ever attends the class.


3) Presentations:

Ok who even came up with the concept of presentations?  No one loves them, honestly, standing in front of the whole class talking about something you have no clue about, yeah how about NOO.



4) Non-stop quizzes and assignment deadlines:

The pressure of maintaining your GPA is real; from non-stop quizzes to lengthy assignments the teachers don’t leave a single chance to crush the students and at the same time take forever to grade them.

Every University student can definitely relate to this one



5) Getting weaker, uglier and whatnot:

Remember how good-looking you were when you started?  Now you look like Gollum from lord of the rings but less adorable.


6) The craving for tea:

Let’s be honest we simply couldn’t have survived university life without nonstop supply of tea.



7) Finding your best friend:
Will Ferrell style

When you both hate the same person and instantly become best of friends.



8) The backstabbing:

If you’re new to university or about to start, get ready for 8 semesters of backstabbing. Your best friends will become your enemies, your enemies might even become your good friends, it’s a war-zone trust us.



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