Cool movie facts that you didn’t know

Cool movie facts that you didn’t know

Think you’re a movie buff? The following facts will definitely make you love your favorite movies even more, some will make you mad while some will simply make you laugh out loud.

Cool movie facts that you didn’t know

1) Christopher Nolan’s side business

The Movie God Christopher Nolan, for his huge hit movie Interstellar planted about 500 acres of corn for shooting and despite having a huge budget for the film once the shooting was done he sold the crop and actually made a profit from it.


2) Tortoise Sex

In some scenes of Jurassic Park,  the sound of Tortoise having sex was used as Dinosaurs communicating with each other. Who knew they both sound alike.


3) Michael Jackson as Spider-Man

That doesn’t sound right, does it? Well according to Stan Lee, Michael Jackson before his untimely death, wanted to buy Marvel and star as Spider-Man but the deal fell through for some reason.

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4) John Travolta in reverse

We all remember the big scene in the movie Pulp Fiction where John Travolta stabs Uma Thurman in the heart with a needle to save her from oding but what we don’t know is that the scene was actually shot in reverse where instead of stabbing her in the heart, John Travolta was actually taking the needle out of her heart.


5) Jack Nicholson the bad a**

During a scene in the movie The Departed when Jack Nicholson pulled a gun on Leonardo DiCaprio, he actually pulled a real gun to make the scene more intense which was not really a part of the script.


6) The real Silent Hill

The movie Silent Hill’s location is based on a real place which is not really populated but anyone who visits always complains of paranormal activities.

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