Famous Pakistanis that died in 2017

Famous Pakistanis that died in 2017


As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018, we also say goodbye to so many actors, celebrities, politicians and loved ones that we’re all going to miss, here’s a list of Famous Pakistanis that died in 2017 we hope and pray their souls rest in peace.

10 famous Pakistanis that died in 2017

  1. Rais Khan

The famous Sitarist Rais Khan died in Karachi on 6th of May 2017 due to prolonged illness, at the time of death he was 77. Rais Khan was considered the greatest Sitarist of all time and is a big loss to the whole world. He also performed in Coke Studio Season 7.

  1. Bade Fateh Ali Khan

The famous classical and Khyal singer Bade Fateh Ali Khan died in Islamabad on 4th of January due to a lung disease, at the time of death he was 82.

  1. Faqir Aizazuddin

Faqir Aizazuddin was a Pakistani cricketer who died Karachi on 8th of May, at the age of 81. Faqir only played for Pakistan on a handful of occasions, he also became a part of cricket administrator of Pakistan.

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  1. Gulzar Khan

Retired bureaucrat Gulzar Khan died on 28th of August in Peshawar due to a cardiac arrest, he joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Pakistan in 2013 and was elected for the National Assembly.

  1. Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui

The former chief Justice of Pakistan, Supreme Court, Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui died in Karachi on 11th of January at the age of 79. He was supposed to run for President from Pakistan Muslim League-N’s side but he was replaced by Mamnoon Hussain.

  1. Khawaja Akmal

Tv actor Khawaja Akmal died in Quetta on 26th of November as a result of a sudden heart attack, he is famous for his work in the Tv serial Bulbulay.

  1. Qari Saifullah Akhtar

The Al-Qaeda member Saifullah Akhtar died in Ghazni province on 9th of January as a result of a raid according to Afghanistan and according to the Pakistani press, he died on the same day in Paktika Province. He was arrested multiple times by agencies and was a suspect in Marriott Hotel bombing.

  1. Agha Shahbaz Khan Durrani

Pakistani politician Agha Shahbaz Khan Durrani died in Khuzdar on 25th of June due to a cardiac arrest. He was a member of Senate of Pakistan and a member of Pakistan Muslim League-N.

  1. Ruth Pfau

Ruth Pfau died in Karachi on 10th of August at the age of 87. She was known as Pakistan’s Mother Teresa for her humanist work of more than 50 years in Pakistan, she helped opening over 150 leprosy clinics in Pakistan.

  1. Aamir Zaki

The famous blues Guitarist, Aamir Zaki died in Karachi on 2nd of June at the age of 49 due to a heart failure, he made it clear on several occasions that he was severely depressed. He was considered Pakistan’s greatest guitarist of all time, he worked with Alamgir, Vital Signs, Hadiqa Kiani, he also worked in Coke Studio. His most famous songs include “Mera Pyar”, “Tumhari Aankhon Mein”, and “Bhula Dayna”.

As you welcome the new year, don’t forget to remember these lost stars.

Let us know your favorite Aamir Zaki song in the comments or you can always contact us.

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