FIFA World Cup trophy is finally coming to Pakistan for the first time

FIFA World Cup trophy coming to Pakistan for the first time

FIFA world cup trophy coming to Pakistan

FIFA world cup trophy coming to Pakistan. Football is one of the most loved sport in Pakistan and it is awfully unfortunate how Pakistan’s football team makes no progress and is on the constant decline ever since 1993 when Pakistan’s men’s football team was on their record high position 141, now they are on 201st position which is pretty embarrassing while Pakistan’s women’s national football team is on the 119th position.

Pakistan sure has the talent and love for the beautiful game but lack of interest from the Government and corruption within the Pakistan Football Federation(PFF) leaves Pakistani Football team in a very bad spot, PFF had to face suspension by FIFA in October 2017 due to third-party interference.

Due to such condition the fans here almost never get to see any big or small Footballing events which is pretty sad considering the number of fans this country has, you can literally always see kids playing Football on the streets, more people buy Football merchandise now than cricket merchandise, you get the point, football is famous here real famous.

FIFA world cup trophy coming to Pakistan

Despite Pakistan Football Federation being banned by FIFA, to satisfy the unsatisfied fandom, Coca-Cola has finally arranged for the FIFA World cup trophy to come to Pakistan, Lahore on 3rd of February for the first time in history, there were rumors that due to PFF’s suspension the World cup trophy will no longer be coming to Pakistan and instead go to neighboring country, India but FIFA officials later denied the rumors.


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Coca-Cola’s announcement



We hope this event kicks some sense into the Pakistani sports channels and the sponsors to finally give the attention that this huge sport called Football deserves, Sport channels here prefer Cricket talk shows or even Cricket highlights over live Football games while the sponsors still believe that no one watches Football and don’t sponsor Football related activities.

This event is like a ray of light for the Pakistanis football fans, it gives them hope for a better tomorrow and here’s how they reacted to the news.






Here’s what the talented Pakistani women’s football team captain, Hajra Khan has to say about the FIFA football world cup trophy coming to Pakistan



We are extremely thankful of Coca-Cola Pakistan for taking initiative and bringing the FIFA world cup trophy to Pakistan and hope its only a start for bigger and better football events in Pakistan.

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