Is smoking Sheesha really as dangerous as smoking 100 cigarettes??

Is sheesha really as dangerous as 100 cigarettes?

Is smoking Sheesha really as dangerous as smoking 100 cigarettes??

If you grew up in Pakistan especially Karachi, odds are you probably smoke sheesha or have smoked sheesha in the past at least a couple of times and at some point, probably wondered “Is sheesha really as dangerous as 100 cigarettes?”


Now being a sheesha smoker, you’ll come across two different types of people:

  1. People telling you one puff of a sheesha is as dangerous as 100 (or adds whatever number they like) cigarettes.
  2. People telling you sheesha is completely safe or even good for your health.

And at some point, it just gets really annoying and we all get curious about the actual truth.

So, we decided to dig up some facts and figures and here’s what we found;


People believing one puff of sheesha is as dangerous as smoking 100 cigarettes are wrong

Is sheesha really as dangerous as 100 cigarettes?

The WHO (World Health Organization) found that an average sheesha session lasts about 20-80 minutes, while you inhale 50-100 milliliters of smoke in a cigarette, during an average sheesha session you inhale about 90 thousand milliliters of smoke, which is a lot.

Now if you’re smoking non tobacco flavor, it is a lot less dangerous as compared to flavor with tobacco also it has very little nicotine, making it almost impossible to get addicted to smoking sheesha.

In one session of non tobacco sheesha you may be inhaling more smoke than 100 cigarettes but it’s not as dangerous as 100 cigarettes.


People believing that smoking sheesha is safe are wrong too

YES, smoking sheesha is harmful. NO, the water most certainly does not filter all the tobacco, it only makes it taste less heavy and feel smoother.

The reason you can smoke so much in a single sheesha session is that the smoke temperature is lower and has a higher humidity but the smoke itself is just as bad.

The University of Maryland claims sheesha smoke contains higher levels of arsenic, lead and nickel. 36 times more tar and 15 times more carbon monoxide than cigarettes.

So yes, smoking sheesha is pretty harmful, it can cause mouth cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer.



Is sheesha really as dangerous as 100 cigarettes?

Smoking is bad, doesn’t matter how you choose to smoke. Cigarettes are bad. Sheesha is bad. Herbal flavors for sheesha are bad. Even sheesha flavors without tobacco are bad.

However, you can still smoke non tobacco sheesha from time to time but just don’t make a habit out of it.

This post is not promoting the use of sheesha, the article is just for knowledge.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments or you can always write to us 🙂

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