Islam, Feminism and Pakistan

Islam Feminism and Pakistan

Islam Feminism and Pakistan

Islam Feminism and Pakistan. Gender inequality is becoming a huge issue in Pakistan lately with more and more women asking for equal rights and more men hating them for it. Each time we see a gender-based march in Pakistan, we see the whole nation divided into two parts, one supporting it and the other abusing it but regardless the outcome is always fruitless.

Pakistanis are either blind feminists or blind antifeminists and there’s no in-between which helps no one.


Feminism in its true meaning is the cause for equal rights for both the genders though the cause has been misused a lot lately but the real feminism is simply the demand of equal rights for women which is not against the teachings of Islam.

Even in the West, Feminists have always supported Muslims and their rights to cover their body with hijab as long as it’s not forced.

What a feminist wants

Feminists too are normal human beings like you and me and all they want is equal rights, the same rights as men, right to live their life the way they want without anyone forcing their decisions upon them.

In Pakistan, a woman from an average household is told to keep her head bowed and obey. She doesn’t even have a say in her own marriage, which is clearly against the teachings of Islam as in the light of hadith we can see that Islam gives women the right to choose and reject for themselves.

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Women’s rights in the light of The Holy Quran

“And according to usage, women too have rights over men similar to the rights of men over women.”


(al-Qur’an, 2:228)

This verse denotes that just like men’s rights are the duty of women, women’s rights are the duty of men and are no different.


“We created you from male and female and have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you from Allah’s perspective is whoever has the most taqwa.”


(Al Qur’an 49:14)

Here it is clear that the Holy Quran does not see men as higher beings but equal to women.


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