Is John Cena coming to Pakistan?

Is John Cena coming to Pakistan?

John Cena coming to Pakistan


The question that’s on everyone’s mind: ” Is John Cena coming to Pakistan ?”  The WWE superstar John Cena is arguably the most famous and loved Wrestler of all time, he has a huge fan following all around the globe not only for his wrestling skills, he has also worked in a number of Hollywood movies and he also is a role model for people of all age as he gives the message of Hustle loyalty and respect.

WWE has been using him as the super hero type who never gives up and always get back up no matter how low he gets which got him respect even in the eyes of non-wrestling fans.

For some reason a huge percentage of his fans belong to Pakistan and India, not only John Cena, WWE itself is one of the most famous sport to watch in Pakistan. People of all age can be seen wearing John Cena t shirt in Pakistan, kids on the streets can be seen wearing John Cena t shirts and other WWE merchandise which only shows the amount of love Pakistanis have for WWE.

We witnessed a big wrestling event organized by PWE last year and even though not many big wrestling names were part of the event, it turned out to be a huge success. The event featured WWE superstars Carlito and Wade Barrett along with a number of other wrestlers and Pakistan’s very own Badshah Khan.

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John Cena coming to Pakistan

John Cena told a young Pakistani fan last year that he’ll soon visit Pakistan to meet his fans and according to news John Cena is set to visit Pakistan in March 2018 and security officials have already begun to work on how they’ll provide him a safe visit of Pakistan.


John Cena is also rumored to be working in a movie along with Kumail Nanjani, the Oscar nominated Pakistani American comedian/actor who released a movie based on his own life, The Big Sick last year which was a success and got great reviews. It is rumored that John Cena might also be visiting Pakistan to promote his upcoming movie with Kumail.

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