Why we celebrate Kashmir Solidarity day in Pakistan

Why we celebrate Kashmir Solidarity day in Pakistan

Kashmir, a beautiful piece of land often referred as HEAVEN ON EARTH, a place so breathtaking and filled with so much natural beauty its almost unreal but what exactly is the point of all that beauty when even Kashmir’s own residents don’t have basic human rights, the right to freedom, the right to choose their own destiny.

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The Kashmir conflict has been going on for years without any real progress, both Pakistan and India are involved in this fruitless cat and mouse chase which benefits no one while only the Kashmiri people suffer, men and children get killed and women get raped by the armed forces.

Kashmir Solidarity day in Pakistan

Each year on 5th of February, we observe Kashmir Solidarity day in Pakistan to show our support with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir and the brutality they suffer in the hands of Indian armed forces. Along with Pakistan, people all over the world show their support for the cause of Kashmir on 5th of February.

Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions organize debate and speech competitions, both political and religious leaders address their followers and speak in favor of the Kashmir freedom movement, big rallies and marches are organized throughout Pakistan to celebrate Kashmir solidarity day in Pakistan. Kashmir solidarity day in Pakistan was first proposed by Jamat-e-Islami and was observed on the call of the opposition leader, Nawaz Sharif in 1990 later Pakistan People’s Party declared 5th February a public holiday and has been a public holiday ever since.
Kashmir Solidarity day in Pakistan

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But all that effort for what?? No amount of rallies or marches or debate competitions can ever help the Kashmir cause, Kashmir won’t ever be free unless both the countries put their ego aside and consider what’s in the best interest of the Kashmiri people and for once let Kashmir decide their future, be it with Pakistan, India or a separate state of Kashmir. But sadly, both the Governments have failed to take any positive step to help the Kashmir freedom movement.


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