Lynching of Mashal Khan (Death anniversary)

Death anniversary of Mashal Khan

lynching of Mashal Khan

On this day (13 April) last year (2017), Mashal Khan a 23-year-old Mass communication student at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan was lynched in broad day light by a mob of hundreds.

Mashal was a bright student, a son, a brother, an open minded critical thinker and a believer of humanity first but, sadly his fellow students didn’t share his beliefs and human life didn’t mean much to them.

Lynching of Mashal Khan

Hundreds of people took part in Mashal Khan’s lynching, some kicked him while some tried to strip him off his clothes, some stoned him and some used other objects to cause him pain, some recorded this barbarism but none tried to save him.

As he was dying a friend approached him, Mashal Khan looked towards him and said I’m a Muslim, take me to a hospital but there wasn’t anything he could’ve done to save his Mashal.

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The mob consisted his own class fellows and even the staff members of his university. Members of PTI, JUI-F and JI were also involved in the lynching of Mashal Khan and were protected by their parties to maximum extent. Mashal along with two of his friends were the targets of the mob and were accused of blasphemy which was never proven, with the only “evidence” being some Facebook screenshots, which we all know can be fabricated within minutes.

Though everyone involved in the lynching of Mashal Khan can easily be seen and identified in different videos all around social media, Mashal Khan’s family still awaits justice as 365 days have gone by and half of the accused are still roaming free on bail.

Their bail was celebrated by political parties JUI-F and JI, they were termed heroes and were received with rose petal showers.

On his first death anniversary we pray we don’t get to witness another lynching of this sort and Mashal’s family gets the justice they deserve.

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