Malala; A Saint or a Sinner?

Malala; A Saint or a Sinner?

malala's sin


Malala Yousafzai, the 20-year-old Pakistani girl who, on 9 October 2012 when she was just 15 was shot by a Taliban gunman on her way back home after an exam is finally back in Pakistan, her homeland.

And of course, her critics, who always said things like, “If she loves Pakistan so much, why doesn’t she come back?” are all of a sudden all against her coming back to Pakistan as if where a 20-year-old girl should live is any of their damn business.


Malala’s Sin

She got shot by Taliban so she must be doing something extremely bad, right?


She was working for a Pakistan where a girl child will have equal opportunity to study, but of course we don’t want our girls to get educated, right?


She always points out the faults in Pakistani system and we all know how much Pakistanis like to sugar coat things and hide things instead of fixing them.


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Her blog was published in BBC and we all know BBC is a Yahoodi saazish.


Instead of changing her Facebook profile picture to I am Syria she actually donated for the Syrian refugees which not a single one of these Malala hater/Facebook jihadi managed to do.


Malala fund donated million for educational projects in Pakistan but again do we really need education? Give us Metro Busses and trains and we’ll be happy with that.

And of course, HOW DARE SHE GET THE NOBEL PRIZE?? How can you even hate on her for something she has no control over or do you guys actually believe that she controls the committee that decides who gets the Nobel Prize, either way the joke is on you brother.


Malala, at the age of 20 when most of us are chilling at our home watching Netflix and laughing at memes has achieved a world-wide recognition and worked for a better Pakistan, which most of us will never be able to achieve.


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