Movies that should’ve been made in Bollywood

Movies that should’ve been made in Bollywood

Movies that should've been made in Bollywood

Bollywood, the Indian Hindi film making industry is one of the absolute biggest film industry of the world, producing more than a 1000 movies a year which is almost twice compared to the amount of films produced in Hollywood per year. Despite producing all these movies catering to Millions of Indian fans, Bollywood movies other than a few exceptions don’t make any impact in other countries and are clearly not on the same par as Hollywood.

India having Bollywood, Tollywood and Mollywood producing countless movies but not making meaningful movies is just tragic. India, a country of culture and history deserves movies that are praised worldwide but unfortunately they get Baaghi 2 and Race 3.

To further prove my point here are some brilliant movies about India that were praised all around the world that should’ve been made in Bollywood but due to obvious reasons, they were made in Hollywood or elsewhere.

1) Gandhi (1982)

Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of India’s greatest leader Gandhi in the 1982 biography film Gandhi shows the struggle and difficulties Gandhi and the other leaders faced to finally get freedom from the British. The movie was a huge success, it got 8 Oscars and 3 other nominations, it is also in the IMDB’s top rated 250 movies list. A movie about India, shot in India, shows the life of the greatest Indian leader of all time but was unfortunately not made by India.

2) The man who knew infinity

A Biography film based on the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a pioneer Indian Mathematician who in the British rule era despite not having any educational background belonging to a poor Hindu family of Madras, India got acknowledged by British mathematics professor, G.H. Hardy. Srinivasa Ramanujan found solutions to solve Mathematical problems that were considered unsolvable.

3) Life of Pi 

Another Oscar winning movie made with Indians but not made by Indians, Life of Pi won 4 Oscars and got nominated for another 7 Oscars. The movie shows the epic survival of a young man in the sea along with a Bengal Tiger.



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4) Midnight’s Children

A bunch of kids, born exactly at midnight on the same day India got independence from the British forms a unique connection. The movie also shows the effects of Pakistan’s partition from and India and Bangladesh’s too.

5) Slumdog Millionaire

A 18 year old boy, born and raised in the Indian slums got to the final question of the famous game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who wants to be a Millionaire) later got arrested by the police suspecting how a slum boy knows the answers of the questions. The film won 8 Oscars and was nominated for another 2.

Let us know your favorite from the above list of movies that should’ve been made in Bollywood in the comments below or you can always contact us 🙂

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