Must see animated R Rated adult movies

Must see animated R Rated adult movies

Not all animated movies are for kids, some people are still under the impression that all these “cartoon movies” are for kids and therefore end up not being able to watch some of these great animated movies and if you happen to one of them, the following list of must see animated R Rated adult movies will definitely change your mind.

These movies contain nudity, violence, gore, abusive language and anything a non-animated R Rated movie contain, making them animated movies for adults.

Here’s a list of must see animated R Rated adult movies

1) Fritz the Cat (1972)

Must see animated R Rated adult movies
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Fritz the Cat features a cat named Fritz. Fritz is a New-York city cat of the 1960’s who believes in hedonism. The movie portrays the American college life of 1960’s in a satiric way and was a huge success.

2) Sausage Party (2016)

In a world where all the sausages are males and buns are females, all hell breaks loose when they realize they have no reason not to act upon their sexual urges.

3) Anomalisa (2015)

An ordinary man experiences the extra-ordinary. Michael, a depressed man who considers himself incapable of loving meets a stranger on a business trip who end up changing his view on life.

4) South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)

Cartman and his friends sneak into a Canadian R Rated movie and learn all the curse words, their parents and teachers figures Canada is to blame.

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5) Pink Floyd – The Wall (1982)

Pink Floyd is a depressed Rockstar, who when finds out that his wife back home is cheating on him, starts to live in complete isolation and builds a wall around himself.

6) Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Based on the famous manga, Ghost in the Shell is the story of a futuristic world where Cyborg Police-officers and Artificial Intelligence are a part of the regular world. The movie contains blood, cursing and nudity.

7) Paprika (2006)

A secret machine that allows therapists to get in to a patients dreams is stolen and the thief uses it to enter people’s mind without their consent. Only Paprika can stop it.

8) Heavy Metal (1981)

A green glowing orb terrorizes a young girl by showing her a series of erotic, fantasy and horror stories

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