Must see Indian content on Netflix- TheFarSol – 2019

Must see Indian content on Netflix

Must see Indian content on Netflix

As the release date of the much awaited and anticipated season 2 of Sacred Games is getting close, here’s a list of other quality original Indian Netflix content to watch while we wait for the 2nd season.

List of must see Indian content on Netflix

1) Rajma Chawal (2018)

Rajma Chawal with its unorthodox name is an emotional, feelgood, nostalgic tale of love, watch it with your family and you’ll definitely have a good time.


2) Chopsticks (2019)

Chopsticks  is a sweet and fun to watch comedy movie starring Abhay Deol as a con man and Mithila Parkar as Nirma who seeks help of a con man as she tries to recover her stolen car.

3) Music Teacher (2019)

One word to describe Music Teacher would be BEAUTIFULfrom storyline to cinematography to attention to detail makes this movie standout and different from traditional Bollywood content.

4) Selection Day (2018-)

A short series, Selection Day is a coming of age tale of two small town boys with a passion for Cricket who travel to Mumbai in hopes of playing for a big time Cricket club and the number of obstacles they faced along the way. Though the ending wasn’t very satisfying but we hope the second season will make it up for that.

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5) Little Things (2016-)

Little Things revolves around a young Indian couple and their everyday lives together, its a sweet rom-com type show with a realistic and relatable feel. Its short, its concise, its simple and a must watch specially for young lovers.


6) Ghoul (201)

Don’t let your political/societal views stop you from having fun, this show received a lot of hate from many based on their beliefs and not based on the content. You will definitely enjoy this one if you take it as a work of fiction and nothing more.


7) Delhi Crime  (2019)

Delhi Crime is based on a gang rape case that took place in India some years back, the show gets you hooked instantly and if you’re into binge watching like most of us are these days you can easily watch it over a weekend or even in a day with just 7 episodes. As good as this show is, its a very hard to watch show at the same time due to the subject of the show Ps be ready for atleast a few tears.

8) Sacred Games (2018-)

A crime thriller revolving around a dead gangster who just before dying warns a police officer about the chaos that’s about to erupt in the city. Sacred Games, with great performances by the whole cast and a very gripping story line is arguably the best Netflix India’s original show ever made.

Let us know your must see Indian content on Netflix in the comments below or you can always contact us 🙂

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