Must see Romantic Fantasy movies

Must see Romantic Fantasy movies

Must see Romantic Fantasy movies

Must see Romantic Fantasy movies. We all love love movies, some of us may deny it but even they have some of those guilty pleasure love movies they watch and love I mean who doesn’t like Titanic? Love movies contain great drama and emotions, making the girls cry and guys hiding their tears.

But for some reason if you add a little fantasy to these movies the drama goes to a whole another level, making the movies exceptionally aesthetic and magical.

Here’s a list of Must see Romantic Fantasy movies

  • Ruby Sparks (2012)

Calvin, a novelist starts working on a new novel about his dream girl Ruby, to his surprise, the very next day, the character from his novel, Ruby comes to life and they start a relation together where to make the relation work all Calvin needs to do is type.

  • Midnight in Paris (2011)

On a trip to Paris, the Hollywood writer, Gil while trying to finish his first novel falls in love with the city and discovers a way to go back to the 1920’s every night and actually getting to meet the people he was inspired from.

  • Her (2013)

A divorced, lonely and depressed writer falls in love with the newly launched operating system, OS1, the first of its kind artificially intelligent operating system. Can this human-computer relation work?


  • Passengers (2016)

A spaceship on a 120-year journey on its way to a planet to start a colony there has a malfunction when one of its passengers wakes up 90 years before he’s supposed to, he falls in love with a fellow passenger and they both figure out a way to save the spaceship from failing to reach its destination together.

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  • Beautiful Creatures (2013)

A young boy desperate to move out of his childhood town, meets a girl he has been dreaming about and soon realizes there is a reason he has been dreaming about her.




  • Upside Down (2012)

Adam and Eden fall in love despite the fact that they live in a fantasy world where two parts of world are different from one another as they both have gravities pulling in different directions, one pulling upward and the other pulling downward and it is forbidden for the people of the two worlds to make contact with each other.

  • About Time (2013)

Tim belongs to a family where all men are capable of time travel once they reach 21, Tim being a hopeless romantic uses his ability to make his unsuccessful love life work, he also finds the beauty of life in the meanwhile.


  • I Origins (2014)

Ian an atheist who believes in science falls for a highly spiritual girl Sofi who believes that their finding each other was destiny while Ian insists it was a coincidence, on the day of their wedding Sofi dies in an elevator accident and what happened sometime later leaves Ian confused about his beliefs.


  • Vanilla Sky (2001)

One of Tom Cruise’s absolute best performance also one of his absolute beautiful movie Vanilla Sky, stars Tom Cruise and Penélope Cruz. After a beautiful night with his best friend’s date (Penélope Cruz) Tom Cruise faces a terrible accident and ends up signing a contract with a program called Life Extension.

  • Comet (2014)

If you read my previous posts you know how much I adore this beautiful masterpiece of a movie called Comet, the movie shows different parts of a six year relation with an ending that’ll leave you wanting more.


Let us know your favorite movie from the above list in the comments or you can always contact us 😊

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