My Cat Died On Christmas (The Pain Of Losing A Cat)

My Cat Died On Christmas (The Pain Of Losing A Cat)

My Cat Died On Christmas

Before getting a cat, all you’ll hear from cat people is how happy their cats make them and if you happen to like cats, odds are you’ll probably get one for yourself at some point in your life. According to a report there’s a cat in every third house in America which makes cats one of the most common pets.

Almost all the cat owners are fond of showing their love and affection for their cats in public and on social media as well, always bragging about how much their cats mean to them and how everyone should have a cat, flood your Instagram feed with their cat pictures and so on, and not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just that before actually getting a cat you need to know the immense amount of pain you’ll have to go through when you lose one.

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Losing a cat is just like losing a family member, I know it sounds like an exaggerated statement to people who don’t really own a cat but believe me it is not, a cat or a even a dog that lives with you, eats and sleeps in your home will definitely feel like family in no time, even if you weren’t a big animal person you’ll still get emotionally attached to them once you lived with them for some time and that is what makes it so difficult to lose one which unfortunately is inevitable.

My Cat Died On Christmas


My cat died on Christmas

On 25th December, Christmas eve my cat got out of the house for a moment and got hit by car and despite taking her to the hospital immediately, the injuries were too fatal for the poor cat to handle and she didn’t survive.

My Cat Died On Christmas

It was one of the worst days of my life, you don’t feel right emotionally or mentally for a long period of time, you see your baby in every cat you see on the street, you may even try to replace your cat by getting a new one or decide not to get another one so you don’t have to go through that pain again, people around you will not understand you and even tell you to get over it was just a cat, it will be an extremely tough period of time for you and your family.

So before getting a cat make sure you’re ready to go through that pain and take care of your cat through thick and thin.


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  1. Ronnie Kelly says:

    Loseing a pet that you love, hurts so much. And the pain stays with you.. I think wearher your pet have’s passed away or. You was unable to take care of it any more.The pain is all the same.

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