Pregnant Sindhi Folk singer shot dead

Pregnant Sindhi Folk singer shot dead

Pregnant Sindhi Folk singer shot dead

Meet Samina Samoon, also known as Samina Sindhu, a young 24 year old Pakistani citizen. She was a Sindhi Folk singer living in a little village of Sindh Pakistan.

On 10th of April Tuesday, Samina was performing at a festive event in a small village named Kanga village near Larkana and as she was performing, she was commanded to stand up as she sang, which she refused.

The alleged criminal here Tarique Ahmed Jatoi, who was also intoxicated at the moment shot her lifeless on stage for not accepting his ‘orders’

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She was rushed to a hospital nearby but was declared dead immediately.

An FIR has been lodged against Tarique Ahmed Jatoi and the victim’s husband demands that the FIR must mention that it’s a double murder as his wife was 6 months pregnant with their unborn child.

According to some sources the Jatoi family is putting immense pressure on the victim’s family to drop the case as they belong to a powerful family with a big name and the victim’s family are your average citizens.

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