PTI MPA to ban divorce in dramas

PTI MPA to ban divorce in dramas

PTI MPA to ban divorce in dramasSource: Dailymotion

PTI MPA to ban divorce in dramas.Pakistani drama industry is on a roll and at an all time high, these dramas usually follow a more relatable storyline to attract viewers and as sad as it may be divorce is a part of our society just like any other society and therefore the evil word “DIVORCE” is used a lot in Pakistani dramas.

Malik Taimoor Masood a Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaaf (PTI) MPA After failing to get the forbidden famous Japanese Anime cartoon Doraemon banned in 2016, has now submitted a resolution in Punjab assembly wanting the evil word of divorce not to be used in any drama as it somehow will have a negative impact on our society.

PTI MPA to ban divorce in dramasSource:Tribune

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In the age of freedom of speech people like him want to censor just about anything, from cartoons to dramas, it all needs to be censored in his eyes.

The Social Media went crazy over his previous resolution and made sure he realizes how unbelievably nuts his resolution was and we hope the same happens this time and we encourage you all to let him know what you think of this new resolution of his.

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