Punish a Muslim day turned into Love a Muslim day

Punish a Muslim day turned into Love a Muslim day

A few days ago letters were sent to people all over UK encouraging them to punish Muslims as they have punished them, from verbal abuse to actually butchering a Muslim, it was all encouraged.

love a Muslim

In response Muslims and people of other religion have all been criticizing this terrifying act all over Social Media and Pakistanis couldn’t help but hate the whole of west for this.

To avoid any such incidents from taking place, people all around UK came out to protect the Muslims and instead of punishing Muslims, they decided to love the Muslims.

love a muslim

Source:Tyne & Wear Citizens/Twitter

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Members of Citizens UK formed a human chain consisting of around a hundred people outside the Newcastle Central Mosque to prevent any unfortunate events and fight hate and racism.

On their Twitter they said “Spreading love not hate, building bridges not walls.”

New letters were sent throughout the country to people encouraging them to celebrate love a Muslim day, from smiling at a Muslim to inviting them over at your house was encouraged in the new letters.

How do you love a Muslim? let us know in the comments or you can always contact us 🙂

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