Raafay Israr is back with another amazing track ‘Beliya’

Raafay Israr is back with another amazing track ‘Beliya’

Raafay Israr's second music video Beliya out now


Raafay Israr, the Karachi based singer/guitarist/songwriter released his debut music video of the song Sajni in April. The song spread on social media like fire and received a huge amount of love.



After the huge success of Sajni, Raafay released his second music video for the song Beliya, which is a love song and just like Sajni has an absolutely mesmerizing video, shot with creativity with a beautiful background.

The singer has a melodious vocal tone and puts real feeling into the simple yet beautiful lyrics of the song, the song’s slow paced verses and catchy chorus compliments each other really well,  and to top it all off the video is a work of art.

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The Pakistani music industry used to be huge in the 90’s and early 2000’s but it saw a big downfall later on, and projects like Coke Studio and Nescafe Basement revived the dying music industry but young and talented artists like Raafay Israr are a big part of the music industry’s come back and with songs like Beliya and Sajni, he’s definitely on his way to the top.

Make sure to give the song a listen and support and appreciate an emerging artist, cheers

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