The cold story of animal shelters

The cold story of animal shelters

The cold story of animal shelters


Who doesn’t like a cute little kitten or a puppy, right? they are so fluffy and cute and playful and do silly things that makes us laugh which is why we’ve all had a kitten or a puppy at least once in our lives, maybe as a birthday present or a Christmas present but what happens once they grow up or you decide to move to a new place?

Half of them are dumped or left behind and one way or another they get sent to one of those animal shelters not knowing what their fault was,  at these animal shelters these innocent little pets that once had a home await their cruel fate.

According to data around 15% of the owners come back for their pets, 35% of them are adopted but what happens to the rest of the 50% pets? From the day of their arrival at the shelter they, at max get a week to get adopted or else they get euthanized which is just a fancy word for killing an innocent little pet.

Your innocent little pet that you once loved so much, claimed it to be a part of your family, posted pictures with it on Facebook and Instagram is now just a dead pet walking with just 50% chance of surviving and even less if they aren’t a pure breed, old, or black.

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While we go to shops to buy fancy breeds of pets, the pets at animal shelters get one day closer to their deaths, we could’ve saved one by adopting instead we choose to buy.


The cold story of animal sheltersRead the cold story of animal shelters in the words of a shelter manager


Here are some live pictures of pets scheduled to be executed in the coming days because their previous owners didn’t want them anymore and the shelters simply don’t have enough resources to keep them all

The cold story of animal shelters

The cold story of animal shelters


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  1. Richard Dames says:

    A: I HATE and ABHOR Euthanasia unless it’s to prevent suffering. B: People think animals are like RENTALS. Rent today, dump tomorrow. SIC, SIC. Are Beggars Euthanized,…NO! Are Criminals Euthanized,… NO! So who gives ANYBODY the RIGHT to take away the Life of a Innocent, Healthy Animal. Plain and Simple, it’s the work of DEMONS!

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