The struggle and rise of Atif Aslam

The struggle and rise of Atif Aslam

Born on 12th of March 1983 in a rather small city Wazirabad, he moved to Rawalpindi and then to Lahore to complete his studies and finally got his bachelors degree in Computer Science from Punjab Institute of Computer Science.

Atif Aslam grew up watching and admiring Imran Khan and always wanted to be a Cricketer just like his idol Imran Khan and was also a Fast bowler just like him. Atif Aslam initially pursued his dream of becoming a cricketer and at one point he was even selected for the Pakistan’s under-19 cricket team trials.

The struggle and rise of Atif

Atif Aslam had to give up on his dream of one day becoming a Cricketer to please his parents wishes and completing his Bachelor’s Degree.

While at Punjab Institute of Computer Science, Atif Aslam met Goher Mumtaz and together they formed what came to be known as Jal the band, after performing at their college and some other small-time gigs, together they came up with the brilliant song called Adat which was shot in Karachi.

The struggle and rise of Atif

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The song became an instant hit and went crazy viral, from dark riffs to Atif Aslam’s unique voice the song had everything. The band immediately started their tour of Pakistan but due to unknown reasons Atif Aslam and Jal parted ways while on tour and went separate ways.

Jal recruited Farhan Saeed while Atif Aslam went solo, both released their separate albums containing some songs they wrote together which led both sides to a right-claiming war.

Atif Aslam got his next big breakthrough when his song Woh Lamhey was used in the Bollywood movie Zeher (2005) the remix version became an instant hit after which he sang dozens of songs for Bollywood movies and even for Hollywood which created a huge Atif Aslam fanbase in India and the rest of the world too.

Since then Atif Aslam has become a huge name not only in Pakistan or India but all over the world, he toured all the major countries, won a number of awards under different categories, he appeared in multiple tv shows and was the judge of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, even appeared in Pakistani film Bol.

Atif Aslam singing Wish you were here with Slash on guitars

From being a boy with a dream to being the successful artist he is today, a Fashion icon, an idol to many, Atif Aslam has it all and has achieved his dreams.


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