This ex Arsenal player is ready to play for Pakistan

This ex Arsenal player is ready to play for Pakistan

Arsenal player is ready to play for Pakistan

Ex Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboué, who at one point in his career made millions of pounds per year playing for Arsenal, Galatasaray and Sunderland is now broke and alone.

Emmanuel Eboué who played for Arsenal from 2004-2011 was considered an important player for Arsenal and was even compared to legendary Brazilian Garrincha by Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger after a brilliant performance. Eboué also played the UEFA champions league final against Barcelona with Arsenal which they lost 2-1.

From playing for top flight clubs like Arsenal and Galatasaray when due to his medical condition and his age Eboué can no longer play for a top club his wife, Aurélie divorced him and took all his assets and their three children with her.

Arsenal player is ready to play for PakistanEmmanuel Eboué with wife Aurélie before the divorce

In an interview in late 2017 Emmanuel Eboué revealed how being broke and divorced has left him suicidal and alone and how he is in constant fear of getting kicked out of where he lives.

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According to him the Football world is a cruel place and its no longer about the beautiful game but more about business and money where the moment he stopped playing everyone just stopped caring.

The player is desperate to make a comeback and said

“All I want is to return to football once more. I still possess ability.

“I would even go to places like Baghdad or Pakistan just to play football. I don’t care where.

This is a good opportunity for Pakistan to avail and make the Arsenal star Emmanuel Eboué play for a Pakistani club which would be great for Pakistani football.


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