The heartbreaking condition of Transgenders in Pakistan

The heartbreaking condition of Transgenders in Pakistan

Transgenders in Pakistan

Source screengrab from documentary Transgenders: Pakistan’s Open Secret

The LGBT community face extreme hate not just in Pakistan but in all parts of the world, it is considered a taboo to be LGBT in Pakistan and is against the law and religion of the country and is punishable by fine imprisonment or both and therefore such relations are always kept secret from the society, friends and family and have no real future and the transgenders in Pakistan face the same fate.

Being a Pakistani gay man or a Pakistani lesbian woman, you may not get acceptance of any kind  and at the end of the day you’ll still end up marrying into a heterosexual relation but at least you’re considered a human and get treated that way but sadly transsexuals aren’t.

In most of the South Asian countries the concept of a third gender exists, in Pakistan this third gender is called hijras, they are not considered male or female. Transgenders in Pakistan are almost always rejected by the family the moment they are born while others are rejected some years after due to the embarrassment the family feels and sooner or later are abandoned by the family.

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Being abandoned, these little transgender kids are sent to live with other transgender people where group of transgenders live together and having no other way of making a living, they sing and dance to make ends meet and often times are forced into prostitution. As transgenders they are expected to be in the prostitution business and get shot, beaten and humiliated just for saying no to having sex.

The same ways of making a living are taught to the new ones too, thus making a cycle of Transgenders living together having no opportunity of having a normal life with a family or ever getting married.

2011 film, Bol raised the issue of transgender acceptance but the film itself was somehow considered a conspiracy as it shows a negative image of the country. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy also directed a documentary called Transgenders: Pakistan’s Open Secret which follows the daily life of some transgenders but Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy too is considered a conspiracy against Pakistan and therefore all of her work is hated too.


Transgenders in PakistanSource screengrab from documentary Transgenders: Pakistan’s Open Secret

Despite having some LGBT rights activists like Kami and Sid, a transgender and a Pakistani gay man, no real work is being done and the LGBT rights in Pakistan are close to none with very little hope of betterment

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