Zainabs murder and deep web

Zainabs murder and deep web

Zainabs murder and deep web. According to Senior journalist, Doctor Shahid Masood the story behind Zainab’s murder/rape is a hundred times bigger than it seems, according to the claims made by Doctor Shahid, the alleged murderer, Imran Ali owns about 40 foreign currency bank accounts or maybe more.

How can an average worker working on daily wages own that many bank accounts? According to Doctor Shahid, Imran made and sold videos of child pornography, child rape, and even violent child pornography to people all around the world, now the only way to do that is through dark web.

A similar incident
15 year old boy tortured, raped and killed

What Dark web is

We can divide internet into three parts

  • Surface web

Your average websites that you access on a daily basis like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. Any website that can be found on a search engine is a part of surface web, there are about 8 Billion pages available on search engines.

  • Deep Web

Deep web is that part of the internet that an average user can’t even access, by definition, anything that can’t be searched through google or any other search engine is a part of deep web which apparently is roughly about 90% of the internet and it is growing faster than surface web. The only way to access deep web is through directly clicking on the link of a website. Deep web is not necessarily dangerous and often overexaggerated.

  • Dark Web

Dark web, now this is where the real trouble begins, if you try to go deeper than deep web you can finally find out about Dark Web, dark web is a part of the deep web that is intentionally kept hidden, it can’t be accessed from internet browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox Opera etc.

To access dark web a special browser called TOR is required which also makes the user untraceable.

Dark web contains all types of illegal material from buying and selling of guns, drugs, fake ids, fake passports to child pornography, live rape shows and even live shows where the viewers can tell the torturer to hit, rape, abuse or even butcher someone anyway they want.

Here’s an image to put things in perspective
Zainab’s murder and deep web

If Zainabs murder and deep web related or not is still a mystery but we hope it has nothing to do with it as it would mean kids in Pakistan are at a huge risk and immediate actions are required.


This article is in no way encouraging anyone to access deep web or dark web, the sole reason of writing this is awareness.

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