Zubaida Apa the mistress of spices passes away

Zubaida Apa the mistress of spices passes away

Zubaida Apa passes away
Zubaida Tariq also known as The Mistress of spices was a famous Pakistani chef, Zubaida Apa passes away at the age of 72 on 5th of January 2018 in Karachi after brief illness, her funeral and burial will take place after the Friday prayer.

Zubaida Apa was mainly famous for her cooking and her daily “Tootkas”, not only did she help people cook she helped them with everyday problems that one might face on any given day, from weight loss to having a clearer skin, her tootkas helped with it all.

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She appeared in all kinds of cooking shows and non-cooking shows on all major Pakistani TV channels, she also worked on FM107’s show called Aik Mukammal Ghar, during her career she appeared in over 2000 tv shows with 1000 episodes for the Famous Masala Tv show called Handi, other than the tv shows she also wrote recipe books.

Zubaida Apa passes away

She had an extremely humble personality and she belonged to an educated and well-known family we hope and pray that she rests in peace, she’ll forever live in the hearts of all Pakistanis.

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